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Facing a life sentence1 min read

Facing a life sentence1 min read

When my cousin got killed on the streets, I went straight to the streets for revenge. Once I was there, I was fully there; if you step on one of my feet, I will step on two of yours. That is how life is on the streets. You can’t show any weakness. The first time I was arrested was for aggravated robbery and bodily injury. I got five years for that. When I left prison, I did try to get a job, but it was like something was pulling me back to the streets – everything else that I did, didn’t seem to work. So, I did whatever was necessary, including selling drugs.

The second time I did three years in prison; the third time it was two and a half years. When I reached out to The Universal Church, I was facing a life sentence after getting caught with multiple guns and a lot of drugs.

Then I began fighting in the church for this case to be dropped. I took it seriously and spent about a year fighting this case, including making a 40-day purpose in the church and I also had the ark that is spoken about on The Showdown of Faith.

I took this ark to court with me and the same judge that said I would do 40 years, ended up giving me a 2-year probation.

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