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You deserve a new chance1 min read

You deserve a new chance1 min read
You deserve a new chance

People go to church for many reasons. Whether it’s because of a Holiday, traditions, or to seek supernatural help. As time passes by and after receiving their blessing, many part ways with God and only a few return to His presence.

When this happens, all they hear are two voices: one tells them to go back, and the other to stay as they are. Deep down they know that returning to God is the right thing to do, but pride and shame normally dominate their mind. If you’ve left your church and deep down you want to return, the last thing you should feel is ashamed.

That voice that tells you not to go back is filled with the following negative thoughts:

• What are they going to say about me?

• Everyone is going to see me as the “weak one”.

• It’s okay if I read the bible at home, this way I avoid any criticizing looks.

• I’ll have to explain to everyone why I left

• I don’t agree with Pastor A, B or C.

“From the days of your
fathers, you have gone away from My ordinances and have not kept them. Return to Me, and I will return to you, says the Lord of Hosts.” (Malachi 3:7)


You deserve a new chance to reconnect with God.

He is ready to start afresh and leave your past behind if you renew your covenant with Him. God tells us to have courage, then by all means go and prove to yourself that nothing, whether it’s shyness, guilt, shame – nothing will hold you back from your goal.

Give yourself a new chance this Sunday, November 5th at 10 am* at your nearest Universal Church.

* Times may vary depending on location

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