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When to pray and when to act2 min read

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It’s not difficult to convince someone to pray and ask God for a solution to their problems, but faith does not require only this. Whoever prays, has to also be ready to act according to what God says. Otherwise, they will spend years praying, praying and praying without achieving the answers they want.

We have an example of this when Moses and the people of Israel were trapped on their way out of Egypt. Ahead of them, they had the impassable Red Sea and behind them Pharaoh’s mighty army in pursuit. By seeing there was no way out, Moses rehearsed a prayer for deliverance. I said rehearsed, because he didn’t get time to utter a single word for God himself said:

“Why do you cry to Me? Tell the children of Israel to go forward. But lift up your rod, and stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it. And the children of Israel shall go on dry ground through the midst of the sea. (Exod. 14.15-16)

The Hebrew leader did not have time to waste. If he failed in that crucial moment, everything would be lost. His role was to order the people to move forward, in order to save everyone, he had to lift up his rod.

Do you know what the result was of these actions?

The Most High opened a path in the middle of that sea so that Israel would cross over with dry feet. On top of that, he drowned all the enemies that waged war against His people. Therefore, there is not a greater security than to act according to what each situation asks for.

Prayer is very important and cannot be neglected by us, but a courageous act of faith has to be its inseparable companion.

In my life, I have gone through challenges where words and tears were totally expendable. This was because the command God had given me at that time needed to be executed promptly.

Crying and venting out to friends alleviates the soul, but it does not resolve problems. Therefore, I think there is no danger in obeying the Divine Voice, no matter how strange it may seem. There is every kind of risk and delay in life when we ignore the command God gives to us.

The best destination of this “journey of life” is in front of us, but we will never be spared from the battles. So we have no choice but to be strong and move forward and do what needs to be done always.

Learn that there is something else you can do today other than pray and know when pray. . Now, go and take your steps of faith, because prayer and action must go hand in hand when we try to achieve great goals.

Until next week!

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