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What wasn’t broken?3 min read

What wasn’t broken?3 min read

Hello My name is Kristen, and this is my story:

I grew up in a broken home. My father was shot when I was two years old, my mother was heavily addicted to drugs and I was about to be placed into foster care. My grandmother took custody of me and my sister. She did the best she could, but my mother was still living there and that brought a lot of fights. I watched my mother date different men and being abused. She was also abused by my father when he was alive.

My grandmother would mention how she can never own anything. Everything that she received would leave her hand. She would take my sister and I to psychic readers to see if they could break the generational curse. My mother was molested at a young age, I was molested at a young age, and so was my sister. Financial problems and addiction were also passed down. As a teenager, I grew out of hand and became rude to my grandmother.

Since the age of fourteen, I’ve experienced sleep paralysis. The room would suddenly become very hot, and I would not be able to move. I even heard whispers in my ears as I slept.

What wasn't broken?
Since I grew up seeing my grandmother going to card readers, I also went to a card reader thinking perhaps they can help me. But instead of it getting better, it got worse and I spent more money.

I ended up getting addicted to marijuana. I smoked in the morning before I went to work, in the afternoon and as soon as I came home from work. Sometimes I would spend over $40-$150 per week for weed. I was dependant on marijuana, thinking it will help me with my problems. I was constantly stressed and smoking to the point I wasn’t spending time with my children.

My husband and I use to fight all the time. We even found out someone did witchcraft to our love life, in our marriage and also on my husband. My husband started to have mental problems. He would go outside, take his clothes off, and leave them outside. He also wanted to commit suicide. My husband said he was going to leave me, so I tried to commit suicide by cutting myself with glass in from of him.

We spoke to our family about the problems that we were going through, and they called CPS. We almost lost our children. My husband was taken away and put in a mental hospital for 15 days due to running back and forth on the streets and laying himself on the ground.

What wasn't broken?When my husband and I both came to The Universal Church, they helped us immediately. From then on I started a chain of prayer and my life changed completely. My son no longer suffers from seizures. My husband no longer has any mental issues. Our marriage is perfectly fine we get along very well. My daughter loves to come to the church and mentioned she does not remember any of the bad times since coming to the church.
I’ve been freed from addiction, free from insomnia, the generational curse is broken. I am a different person.

I’m no longer addicted to marijuana, I don’t even like the smell of it. My financial life is also blessed. Instead of depression, I have peace, joy and an assurance that no matter what comes my way, God is with me.

I use to have anxiety and worry a lot thinking about how everything will go wrong. Today I have faith and joy. I no longer get mad or angry at my husband. I am baptized with the Holy Spirit.


I’m telling you if you give God a chance, your life will completely change.



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