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What Happens at The Universal Church?4 min read

When something is new and undiscovered, it arises curiosity as well as questions. If the person doesn’t familiarize themselves with the unknown, that person will never get the knowledge of learning and drawing conclusions from facts. But what is the unknown? The unknown can be meeting new people, trying different foods, learning a different hobby, starting a new career path and so on. The unknown will always remain a mystery. Many of the times for not knowing, people assume and only make their own conclusions based on other peoples’ opinions. Opinions are biased as every person’s perspective varies. Facts on the other hand is something concrete that one can rely on. There is a lot of controversy when certain denominations have different views and practices from other denominations.

The Universal Church and Universal Life Church are usually confused because of the very similar names but there are differences among the two. The Universal Life Church promotes freedom of religion and “we are all children of the same universe”. The Universal Life Church ministries sum up to offering free online ordination to anyone who wishes to become a minister and practice their beliefs. It opens a door for the person to discover their spiritual path.

The Universal Church strives every day to bring hope and faith to those who are in need of a life transformation. The UCKG goes in search for people who are depressed, confused, frustrated and drowning in problems. Its mission is to lead people to the truth and to once again believe in the impossible through the Word of God. The Universal Church dedicates it’s time to listen and counsel those in need.


During the daily meetings people receive a Word of faith and are given guidance depending on the area of life they need change. During those services they teach how to put your faith into practice to see results that will make you closer to God and at the same time change your life. Every day of the week is a day dedicated to a different aspect of a person’s life:

  • Monday – Financial Life
  • Tuesday – Health & Well-being
  • Wednesday – Personal Spiritual Growth
  • Thursday – Family, Love Life & Inner Cure
  • Fridays – Liberation & Spiritual Cleansing
  • Saturdays – Impossible Cases
  • Sunday – Family, Inner Empowerment & Get Closer to God

All the services are to help people get closer to God with the ultimate goal to grow spirituality. During the services there is always a moment to worship Him, recognizing that without Him we are nothing. The Universal Church teaches its congregants to prioritize a sincere relationship with God and the best worship to God is through one’s lives, reflecting in the person’s character and decisions on a daily basis. As a result of this believers are able to live a fulfilled life. Aside from the services held at the UCKG locations, they also have plenty of outreach programs within the community.

Universal Behind Bars

The UBB is formed by volunteers reaching out to inmates and their families to provide spiritual and physical help. They go inside the prisons giving inmates a chance and opportunity to transform their lives even though they are behind bars. They receive prayer, a word of faith and are counseled.

Visiting Hospitals

With its mission to help all those in need. Volunteers visit hospitals to pray for the sick. They provide support and faith to the sick along with their family members based on the Word of God. They follow up to see how they are and continue praying so they can see God’s work in their lives.

Night Angels

On a mission to help those who are abandoned and forgotten by society, volunteers and pastors formed the Night Angels. They offer warm food, clothing, shelter and relief to those in need. Not only do these volunteers provide the primary necessities to the less fortunate, they also provide counseling in efforts to bring a little ray of hope of a second chance in life.

UNI Social

It’s a social work that is done in various communities to aid individuals and families that are in unfortunate circumstances due to poverty or natural disasters. Its goal is to bring a word of faith in difficult moments and awaken their faith and hope. As part of this work a physical donations are provided to extend a helping hand.


An acronym of “Youth Power Group”, focuses on youths from ages 14 to 24 to provide spiritual guidance in order to improve their well-being while keeping it exciting and fun. The youths participate in group activities such as dancing, singing, perform skits on stage, sports, etc. to helping youth discover hidden talents within themselves. YPG was also created to show youth that they can live a happy and fun life without depending on the things of this world such as alcohol, drugs. In addition to this, YPG have monthly events, tournaments and community service. It will encourage a healthier and positive mindset to those who have been struggling in life whether it be from bullying or depression.


A group that is exclusively for the elderly, teaching them that age is only a number. Regardless of their age they can still fulfill their dreams and be strong spirited. Their main volunteers coordinate monthly activities such as outings and beneficiary workshops. Also caring and providing spiritual support.

What Happens at The Universal Church?

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