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Warning Signs3 min read

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According to the World Health Organization, of all people that die from suicide, 80% have given a warning sign. Perhaps you have a friend or relative that have given a sign before but you didn’t give much thought into it or you preferred not to touch the subject again. Has someone confided in you their desires to end it all and what are the warning signs?

Warning signs

 •  Talk about how everything would be better if they were dead or having no reason to live
 •  Withdraw from friends, social activities
 • Experience drastic changes in behavior
 •  Lose interest in hobbies, work, school, etc.
 •  Give away prized possessions
 •  Lose interest in their personal appearance: Don’t see the purpose in getting ready, for what?
 •  Express a deep sense of hopelessness
 •  Increase in drug or alcohol use.
 •  A deep sense of serenity, or being at peace
 •  Complain about being a bad person or feeling rotten inside; lack of self-worth. 

Make a visit

Here at The Universal Church, we offer daily sessions and meetings that will help keep people’s minds on something positive. Find your nearest branch and visit us today. If you want to speak to someone call our helpline 1-888-332-4141, someone will be available to speak to you. Nicole shares her story, perhaps you or someone you know, is going through a similar situation.

Hello, my name is Nicole, and this is my story.

My father rejected me from birth. At the age of five, I lost my mother. I attempt to committing suicide three times. At the age of 14, I started using drugs. I felt rejected and lonely. I felt like I had no one and that I was alone in this world.

At the age of seventeen, I started having suicidal thoughts. I started taking pills, stealing them from my grandmother’s bag. I drank them, but I didn’t succeed; I ended up in the hospital. My second attempt was when I drank gasoline. That also didn’t succeed. Other options wouldn’t work, so I thought maybe the solution was to hang myself. I’ve got a rope one afternoon to hang myself. Luckily, my younger brother walked in while I was trying to hang myself, and he ran and called for help.

I started to hang with bad friends and sought a place where I could fit in. I didn’t go to classes, my grades dropped, and my grandmother was called to the school. She found out that I lost a scholarship.

When I got home, she called me a lot of names, but what I remember the most was when she called me a ‘good for nothing’ and that I was useless.

I ran away and went to the city. I became a street kid living from pickpocketing. I began using drugs, and selling them; cocaine, meth, and marijuana.

The police caught me with the drugs, and I got arrested. Since I was a minor, they called my grandmother. When she came, they told her that they’re going to keep me for a lesson. My grandmother went to church to seek for help and prayers.

I went to the church and I thought I was still a young person, I can’t do it, God will understand.

Warning Signs
I kept on being persistent, going to church as I did the chains of prayer. I committed to go every Wednesday and Friday to be free spiritually and not feel lonely. I then began feeling lightweight; I felt the presence of God. I stopped feeling lonely.

Ever since, I became a joyful girl, happy, forever smiling. I was bitter at first, but I no longer saw a reason to be bitter. I was able to finish high school with high grades. I enrolled in a University, and I graduated. I was able to get into a program to study abroad. I don’t have suicidal thought anymore. I no longer feel lonely nor rejected. I feel happy, and I’m at peace. My life changed.



Warning Signs

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