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UCAN Tour’s next stop: California1 min read

UCAN Tour - Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

Ucan Califórnia

The UCAN Tour has been going on since the beginning of January 2017 and has been successful at all these locations: New York, Philadelphia, Miami, and the latest event was in Toronto, Canada.  Many people from all across attended this special event at each of the places mentioned to receive a message of strength and the assurance of their blessings.

Who is this event for?

-Maybe your family is divided, the only time you talk to your children is to fight

-Every relationship ends up in failure and heartbreak

– Day by day, you’re dying because of a disease

-The doctor is unable to find out what is the cause of the pain in your body

-You are tired of the addiction that is breaking your family apart; you lose what you have and those whom you love

-Your financial life is unstable, especially now that you’ve lost your job

-You have dreams and projects, but you don’t have the strength to follow through with them

– Your nightmares have become your closest friend

– You have suffered racism since you were young and have lost all confidence in yourself and your abilities

– Your life is frustratingly stuck and going nowhere fast

-For you who are tired of trying

Now, it is California’s turn to receive the strength to say “I CAN”. Join us this Sunday, March 26th at 1900 W Alondra Blvd, Compton, CA at 10 am. Visit a church near you or contact us to reserve your seat today!

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