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UBB: Behind the Scenes2 min read

The Volunteers of the UBB Gives Us an Inside Look at How They Prepare in Order to Help Those Who Are Behind Bars

UBB: Behind the Scenes2 min read

 UBB (Universal Beyond Bars)

The UBB team details how they prepare to for into prison and help inmates. A lot of time and effort goes into each visitUBB: Behind the Scenes they make. From the 5 plus hour drive going and coming, to the anger management courses that are done weekly. When asked what are some of the major difficulties they face in the prisons, their responses were shockingly selfless.

My biggest difficulty is when I give my all to help an inmate. But they go back to the negative friendships that get them into trouble. I teach and pour my heart into what I do, so it’s hard to see them throw that away sometimes.
detailed Amber Odom, a volunteer of the UBB.

UBB: Behind the ScenesThe biggest difficulty I face is when an inmate doesn’t want to let go of their past. It is hard for me to see them holding on to the very problem that got them into prison in the first place when I know they need to let it go. Another difficulty I face is with some officers. Although some help us to help the inmates, many officers do not care about them. And this makes our volunteer work harder than it needs to be“. Spoken by Pastor Marcus who Volunteers in the UBB in the state of Texas. There are many challenges that the volunteers of UBB face, both outside and inside the prison, but this does not stop them.UBB: Behind the Scenes

Although we may drive hundreds of miles every week, spend gas, go an entire day without eating and even put ourselves in danger, we will not give up. We will continue to volunteer and help the inmates who are behind bars and want to know God because this is what we are called to do behind bars but seeing an inmate receive the Holy Spirit makes all of our efforts worthwhile.” Spoken by Bishop Joshua (Bira), who receives and responds to the letters from all over the USA.


If you have a loved one in prison, reach out to the UBB and see about having one of our volunteers visit them. For more informations, call 1 (888) 332-4141. 

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