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New doors open in Japan1 min read

New doors open in Japan1 min read

At the beginning of April, Universal took another important step in Japan. This was because the inauguration of the new church headquarters in the country took place. The Universal Chuch has been there for over 20 years. Since then, it has been locating a property with capacity for only 50 people, in a place of difficult access. The Universal church moved its headquarters because a Japanese businessman offered his property for the church to rent.

The new facility has a capacity of 200 people and is located on a busy avenue in Kanagawa, one of the largest states in Japan. There is space for EBI, meeting room, rooms for Caleb groups, Youth Force Universal (FJU), Evangelization and is close to places of great circulation of people.

The Consecration

The inauguration ceremony was held by Pastor Fábio Ribeiro, responsible for Universal’s work in the country. According to him, the new location will make it more accessible for people who are suffering. “I’m sure a lot of people who had trouble getting to church now will not have it anymore,” he said.

In addition, Pastor Fábio also pointed out that Japanese people will have a specific place to seek spiritual help. “The people of Kanagawa will have this place as a reference because the doors of The Universal Church are open every day from 7am to 10pm,” he concluded.

The new church is located at the following address: 252-1132, Kanagawa-ken Ayase-shi Teraonaka 1-17-24.

(*) With information from The Universal in Japan

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