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The Universal Church in Fiji3 min read

The Universal Church in Fiji

The Republic of Fiji is an island country in Oceania, its capital located in Suva, is the most populated city in the country. The Republic of Fiji has been independent since 1970, its economy is considered as one of the most developed of the Pacific Ocean. The country grows and exports sugarcane, coconut and ginger; per year, 300 to 400 thousand tourists visit the Islands, generating more income.

Churches in Fiji Islands

Most of the population is Christian, followed by Hinduism and Islam. Even though it is considered a Christian country, faith and values have been lost and so many preachers have stopped believing in water baptism and fear the prayer of deliverance.

“And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15)

Exactly on July 31, 2011, in the city of Lautoka, the Universal Church began the evangelistic work in the country. Quiet, unobtrusive work done at the local hospital door has resulted in many connections with desperate people seeking help. Often, care and guidance were given on the hospital’s bench.

It was in a small, simple classroom that a small group met weekly and learned to use their faith by listening to the word of God. The Universal Church was present in times of difficulty. Volunteers helped with the distribution of water, food, clothing and medicines to the homeless; after the country was hit by heavy storms and floods on almost every island.

Work has grown and developed through the men and women of God who dedicate their lives partially or fully so that many people have the opportunity to achieve the salvation of their souls. A significant event for the local population occurred in mid-May 2012 – the first church was inaugurated in the country. Currently Universal is present in the city of Suva, the capital of the country; and in the city of Lautoka.

The Work of God has advanced, many suffering lives have been reached and through the teachings of the Word of God are being led to Salvation. Recently, the Universal Church arrived in the city of Labassa in the Fiji islands for the first time, the church visited the city to hold a special faith event that brought together about 200 people. But it was not so easy to make it happen. “One day before, a pastor, his wife and an assistant traveled by ferry for about 15 hours to reach the city and evangelize the people, calling for the meeting,” says Pastor Fabiano Moraes, who is responsible for evangelistic work in Fiji. Even with the cyclone warning and flooding the population did not stop and God acted in a grandiose way healing the sick and blessing the families that were there. One of them was Mrs. Ashni, who for more than a month had been suffering from severe pain all over her body.

“After receiving the prayer of healing and deliverance, she was free and demonstrated this by running to and fro, without any difficulty or pain,” the Pastor says. The work in Labassa still takes its first steps, but according to Pastor Fabiano, after this event, there will be a monthly evangelistic work in the city.

Anil“My name is Anil. I was addicted to marijuana, alcohol and cigarettes before coming to the Universal Church. I used to drink and smoke everyday. I started smoking cigarettes when I was 14. I had been a slave of this addiction for 38 years. A friend of mine invited me to the church. I made up my mind and went. After attending the services and with the prayers of the pastor I’m able to overcome the addictions. It was not easy at first but I sacrificed and made a decision. Today I’m free. ”

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