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The silent enemy within our ranks2 min read

fight their own demons

Trained to fight crime, control clashes and help people in distress, many police officers are trained to fight the problems of others, but untrained however, to fight their own demons. Anxiety, depression and addictions are some of the biggest difficulties they face. 

We look at the armed forces as people who are there to protect us and assume that they have life figured out – or at least know how to deal with it. but who protects them from the pain and often fatal torture they suffer in their mind, which many times forces them to use their own weapons against themselves in an attempt to escape. 

A recent report from the Defense Department on the epidemic of active duty and reserve service members shows 541 took their own lives in 2018. The Defense Department says it’s taking further steps to address suicides, such as teaching service members ways to identify suicide “red flags.” 

The same happens with doctors, physicoligysts and even teachers – people who are trained and expected to resolve peoples problems without exposing their own difficulties. 

Perhaps it’s time that we need to face up to the fact that men are not God! Only God has the strength for every single situation. 

The idea of being perceived as weak when you speak out about your problems and look for help, is a big lie. If you think about it, weakness is choosing to take your life instead of being courageous enough to face up to whatever you are going through. And this goes for everybody not just those in service. 

The secret is to go to someobody who can help you – not pouring your heart out to just anybody. This is true strength – and something that men should especially take note of. 

Don’t allow your problem – no matter what it is, to become stronger than you; to overtake your reasoning and stop you from taking the decision to seek for help. 

Warning signs to look out for if you are concerned about somebody 

  • Making suicide threats
  • Aggresiveness & irritability
  • Isolation of feeling alone
  • Drastic changes in mood and behavior
  • A sense of hopelessness or no hope for the future
  • Processing lethal means
  • Frequently talking about death
  • feeling like a burden to others
  • Self-Harm ex: cutting behaviors

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