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Day of Pentecost2 min read

Day of Pentecost2 min read

After suffering, being crucified, and being resurrected, the Lord Jesus remained for 40 days on earth. However, before returning to Heaven, the Messiah instructed the disciples not to leave Jerusalem, for they would be baptized with the Holy Spirit (Acts 1: 4-5).

Therefore, more than two thousand years ago, in the Upper Room of Israel in Jerusalem, 120 disciples of Jesus received the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2: 1-4).

Similarly, on June 9th, also Pentecost Day and in the same place, Bishop Edir Macedo conveyed a message to millions of people from over 120 countries where The Universal Church is present, accompanying the closing of Daniel’s Fast.

Right at the beginning of the transmission, he pointed out that many do not know who, truly, is God, but want Him. To emphasize this subject, Bishop mentioned the event with the disciples in Ephesus. After a question from the apostle Paul, they stated that they did not know the Holy Spirit (Acts 19: 2-4).

“They were completely ignoring the existence of the Holy Spirit. It does not matter whether you have knowledge or not. What matters is that we are going to do what Paul did, because when he knew that the disciples did not know the Holy Spirit, he did not want to teach anything else, he just laid hands and at the hour the Holy Spirit came down, “said the Bishop.

Moreover, Bishop still taught that God is most interested in dwelling in the human being. That’s because He, who is Spirit, needs a body that will serve Him. “He being Spirit, how shall he manifest his greatness without the Spirit not coming and using our whole body. When we receive the Holy Spirit, we have the image of the Most High that Adam and Eve lost in the garden of Eden, “said Bishop Macedo, who then prayed the outpouring of Holy Spirit.


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