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The nature of God3 min read

21-Day Fast of Daniel

Abraham was 99 years old in one of the instances when God appeared to him. At this age, God’s promise had not been fulfilled yet in Abraham’s life. However, God appears to him once more. What a privilege! He appeared to Abraham and said:

“I am Almighty God; walk before Me and be blameless.” (Genesis 17:1)

It is obvious that when you walk in the presence of God, you become blameless because God’s presence and light illuminate your ways and make you walk on a righteous and just path. He makes you blameless in your options and choices; He makes you righteous in your life and in your behavior. You are not subject to other people’s impositions, but God in the Person of the Holy Spirit makes you have the correct, righteous, and blameless attitudes that will allow you to succeed.

You might ask, “Bishop, how to walk in the presence of God and be blameless if I am a person full of mistakes? I know myself. How can I be blameless when I am so imperfect? Is it possible for us to change an imperfect nature to a blameless nature?” Yes, it is possible. Jesus said to His disciples:

“God is Spirit …” (John 4:24)

When He was saying that God is Spirit, He was also saying in other words that God’s nature is spiritual. When we receive the Holy Spirit, we receive God’s nature. When you are born of the Holy Spirit, then you become a spiritual person. Jesus said:

“That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” (John 3:6)

The person born of the Spirit now has the same nature of God; they become spiritual. This answers the question that many have asked: “Bishop, how do I have the assurance that I am baptized in the Holy Spirit?” If you are baptized in the Holy Spirit, you have no doubts, because the Holy Spirit gives you the assurance. You do not need my opinion to have this assurance. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit testifies, confirms with our spirit that we are children of God, which means to have God’s nature. All the children of God are born of the Holy Spirit, but not everyone who says that they are a child of God is truly His child; they are His creation. Why? Because, for the person to be a child of God, they must be born of God.

God is Spirit, and when He gives birth to His children, they become spirit as well. In other words, they become spiritual; they have the ability to walk in God’s presence and be blameless. This person becomes righteous and walks by reason and intelligence; they do not live based on the law of the heart, of the emotions. They live based on the law of the Spirit; they think, weigh and evaluate. They discern the spiritual things from the fleshly things because they are born of the Spirit.

God is Spirit; He is the pure reason, wisdom and intelligence, and because of this, all His actions are perfect. He is perfectly Just because He is Spirit. When He forms His children, He makes them spiritual; they do not walk guided by their emotions, but they walk according to the Spirit, by reason and intelligence.

This Fast of Daniel that we are doing is exactly for this purpose: for people to have a true experience with God. The Lord Jesus with one word transformed water into the best wine. In the same way, with one word the Holy Spirit transforms your life from a well of sadness and agony into a life filled with joy.

During the Fast of Daniel, we sacrifice the passions and feelings of the heart to dwell solely on the reason, wisdom, the Word, the thoughts of God.

Receive the Holy Spirit and your life will never be the same. You will never again depend on the love of others, be begging for mercy and compassion for someone else to love you and give you attention because you will have the attention of the Almighty Himself.

– Extracted and translated from Bishop Macedo’s daily radio message.


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