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The great lie about betrayal2 min read

The great lie about betrayal2 min read

thegreatlieaboutbetrayalWhen a person is being tempted to betray, it seems that what they want the most is the object of their desire. After the betrayal, they lose interest and regret it bitterly. How can then something that no one is proud of doing be so widely practiced and even tolerated?

Many people do not believe that there could be marriage without betrayal because they see this behavior in their family members, friends, celebrities,  so it seems to them that betrayal is a part of life. Due to marital unfaithfulness being so common in our society, many people accept being with an unfaithful partner. There are even those who wrongly advise couples to cheat, saying that it makes their relationship more interesting. Other forms of betrayal have also been commonly tolerated such as pornography, flirting, inappropriate chats and friendships on social networks.

When you accept these beliefs and behaviors, you end up opening the doors of your life to these situations. However, if you believe in faithfulness and want to be a faithful person, then you can decide that upon your life. Perhaps, you have been unfaithful in the past but want to be a different person now, then you must make a decision. Reject the idea of unfaithfulness. Go to the point of loathing the thought of it.

The next step is to shield your relationship from unfaithfulness by coming to the Love Therapy every Thursday at 7 pm at select locations of The Universal Church and learn how to invest in your relationship and family. Take steps now to prevent unfaithfulness so that the curse of betrayal will not make you its next victim.

We are here to help you. Regardless of your status, the meetings for the family at The Universal Church will teach you how to live a fulfilled life with the ones you love. Free counseling is also available. Contact us for more information: 1-888-332-4141.

– Based on advice given by Renato and Cris Cardoso (relationship experts, family counselors, best-selling authors and TV presenters)

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