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The goal of anger3 min read

The goal of anger

‘Just seeing his face all happy made me want to punch him in the face. Who does he think he is? I came first, I was supposed to be accepted, and I just didn’t go because he wanted to be better than me! ’

This is how God met Cain when he was full of anger against his brother Abel for offering a better offering than his. And in His mercy God then questioned him:

“Why were you angry?” 

God will always ask us, even though we already know the answer, because what He wants is for us to think about what we are doing. The truth is that Abel’s better offer stirred Cain’s ego, meaning he was angry because he thought he was better than Abel. But, like most people, Cain did not want to think or answer God’s question. And God continued…

“And why did your countenance fall?”

Another question that God already knew the answer to, obviously, but one that would make Cain reason about what he carried within himself. And of course, Cain didn’t care, he just wanted to feel, didn’t want to reason. And God seeing that he would not answer Him, let alone reason what He was doing, gave Cain a revelation:

“If you do well, is it not certain that it will be accepted? And if you do not do good, sin lies at the door, and it will be your desire for you, but you must rule over it. ”

See that God was already telling Cain what he would be able to do if he did not resolve that wrath within him, but not only that his wrath was without foundation, for if he had offered his best he would have been accepted as well. Abel, Why envy him? Just learn from your mistake and do better next time!

But Cain didn’t listen to what God told him, as do many Christians, who prefer to discard the Voice of God and say to themselves’ ah, but I’m angry, I don’t want to think now, I really want to put that anger on. out!’. To, after doing the bullshit, then, using ‘make a mistake is human’, to feel better about yourself.

Cain was supposed to learn from and admire him for it. Cain was to be ashamed to be the firstborn and do worse than his brother. Cain was to ask God for forgiveness for his relaxed offer. But Cain wanted none of that. He ignored everything God had told him and not only that, it made it worse.

“Cain rose up against his brother Abel, and killed him.”

And so it has been with so many Christians. They do not want to hear the Voice of God because they are knowledgeable, preferring to broody anger and hatred against those who have been real Christians. They hate when these Christians sacrifice their best to God and try to kill them with words. They enjoy talking badly, cursing, gossiping, and creating rumors to slander them before everyone.

That is why many of these are already like Cain, fallen, fugitives and vagabonds on earth, whose Cain mark may even be a ‘title’ for anyone to touch them. But God and the devil know them.

Do you have anger or hatred for someone? Know that the purpose of this anger is to harm this person. Do not accept this feeling, do not think that it is part of your humanity. That famous verse that says, “Be angry, and do not sin; let not the sun set upon your anger ”goes on like this:

“Give no place to the devil.” (Ephesians 4: 26,27)

In faith.

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