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The gift of giving back2 min read


At the end of each month, there is a group of ladies who have made it their responsibility and privilege to visit nursing homes around Brooklyn, New York. Four to five groups spread out across the borough to fill the hearts of elderly residents. The residents are provided with care and special attention. They receive manicures, hand massages, an opportunity to play games. The moment was separated for exercise, games, and even arts and crafts.

This month the group decorated frames so that the residents would be able to put pictures of their loved ones in them. Some residents asked the ladies if they could take pictures with them and put it inside. Unfortunately, this brings up the sad reality of some residents. Some have been placed in a home and forgotten by their loved ones.

Mature in age, young in Spirit

Mature in age, young in Spirit

The Universal Church has invested in every age. There are groups for children, youth, and of course, the elderly. The group has built a strong relationship with nursing homes around the city over the years and has seen the great joy that it brings to the residents monthly. There is no greater gift than knowing that through a manicure or just a simple conversation, you have made someone’s day.

Although they may be advanced in age, they are filled with youthful spirit. Some have forgotten most things, but they have to remember the last time one of these ladies came to do their nails or the conversation they had together last month. It is never too late to give back to those who have given so much of themselves.

Is somebody you life advanced in age?
• Encourage dining with others.
• Encourage hearing and vision tests.
• Give extra support to seniors who have lost a family member friend or spouse.
• Promote a sense of purpose.

Mature in age, young in Spirit. Ranging from age 50 and older, this group was designed to keep you moving forward at every Universal Church.

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