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The Gap in a Relationship1 min read

the silhouette of a couple apart from each other with their backs turned to each other with sundown behind them in the horizon

Nature does not allow the existence of a gap. Therefore, when a couple becomes distant from one another, soon something or someone else moves in to fill that gap. The husband goes to the bar or finds more work to do. The wife invests everything in the life of her child or her education… getting involved with someone or in some activity is less painful than dealing with a conflict or problem that seems to have no solution in a relationship.

That’s where the problem gets worse. Being left aside, it takes root and grows, until it breaks out later with outbursts of anger, coldness or even revenge.


  1. Do not leave a gap in your relationship.
  2. If other things and people have invaded your relationship, you will have to take care of your marriage from the root, so that the problems are actually resolved permanently.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
  • Renato Cardoso 

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