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First Fruits1 min read

First Fruits

In biblical times the first fruits of the groud were offered to God free willingly in addition to their tithe. God required the earliest ripening produce (First Fruits) of any grain or fruit harvest.

It was given to ensure God’s blessing upon the rest of the harvest. It might not make sense for God to ask for something so small since He has no need for it. However, why did He still require such offering?

“For those who honor Me, I will honor…” 1 Samuel 2:30

When we honor God first we are saying to Him, “Lord you are number one in my life”.

The first fruit was given before the entire harvest was taken as a guarantee of God’s blessing upon the rest of the harvest. God has been the same in the past, yesterday and today. Therefore this Sunday, May 06, 2018 we will have the Feast of the First Fruits. Come and celebrate the One that is first in your life.

For it is written;

• God will prevent the enemy (devourer) from tampering with your blessings…. (verse 11)
• All the nations will call you blessed (verse 12)
• For yours will be a delightful land (verse 12)

– Malachi 3

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