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The clock is ticking2 min read

Time is passing - Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

By this time, I’m sure many have figured out exactly what their 2020 will look like. They have planned what they want to change at work, where they will meet the man or woman of their dreams, where they expect to be in their fail-proof plans by June. If you aren’t one of these super planners, then you’re still in the dark about what, who, when, and where your life is headed.

December the 31st and January the 1st, are the two most important days of the year for many people. In reality, it’s just going to be from one day to another, but it marks the end of one year and the beginning of another. 

Why all the fuss about a simple stroke of the clock?

No one likes feeling stuck, so from 11:59 to 12:00, there is a restart. Everything is reset, and life begins again. It’s as though every mistake, heartbreak, sadness, struggle, and trauma of the past year ceases to exist, and there is a sudden cloud of clarity. What if that clarity could be permanent? Not only at the beginning of a new year but for the rest of your life.

“I have been having pain since 2016”.
The clock is ticking As time went on, the pain got worse, to the point that I stopped working for three months in 2017. Doctors told me that I would not be able to run; I couldn’t go up the stairs without using my hands and knees. I didn’t accept this. I was determined that I would be different. So, when I came to this ministry, and the Pastor told me to run, I don’t know how, but I let go of the crutches and off I went! I can now do what I was told I couldn’t. Today, I can dance with my husband. 

The clock is ticking





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