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First Gathering of Faith in South Carolina2 min read

new heart, Let go of the old, receive the new,
First Gathering in South Carolina

First Gathering in South Carolina

The people in South Carolina have been watching Bishop Bira on the BET show every morning sharing a word of faith and for the first time, they had the opportunity to attend a service near their home state. Bishop Bira started the service, saying: “Tonight, you cannot expect magic, but you can expect a miracle”.

The message of the service was: “Let go of the old and receive the new” (Ezekiel 36:26). When a person is free from the old spirits and problems present in their lives, especially those who have experienced signs of generational curses, the new life takes place and everything becomes new. Everyone who was seeking a new life came forward and stood before the altar, in order to receive deliverance from the old spirits in their lives.

Bishop Bira explains that, in the same way, all evil and old spirits had left them, God also said “I will give you a new heart”, meaning that, for a person to start a new life, the old heart has to be removed. This happens when you remove all the grudges, traumas, disappointment, jealousy, everything held deep inside the heart. Once you have this new heart; Then, the Holy Spirit comes and makes all things new in their lives. So, a special prayer was said to them and they received peace. The blessing of the Water was made to determine a miracle in people’s lives which then was followed by a prayer for the salvation of all the families. Many people from many parts of South Carolina came over to attend this special service (Columbia, Lexington, Orangeburg, Charleston, Rock Hill, …). These two sisters drove about 2 hours in order to join this gathering and got the blessings they were expecting.

First Gathering of Faith in South Carolina

First Gathering in South Carolina

Ms. Cathy and Ms. Dianne.

“I thank Bishop Bira and the Universal Church for the
TV program on B.E.T. It has been such a great blessing for us.”

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