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Self Help – What is a woman’s biggest fear?2 min read

Self Help

Some women fear to get older, losing loved ones, feeling unsatisfied financially or in relationships but…

What is a woman’s biggest fear?

Saturday, October 19th was a day many women weren’t expecting. Someone called them out on their biggest fear. It was a hard pill to swallow for many women but much needed. We often think the best of ourselves; it’s human nature. We are hardwired not to see our flaws but we all have them.

SaturdayAt this month’s self-help meeting women from all over the U.S, parts of the Caribbean and Canada got the chance to examine themselves. TIME FOR A SELF EVALUATION It’s never easy to look ourselves in the mirror but as Mrs.Ima Fonseca {host of the meeting) explained, we are the only ones who can do it. She posed the question, what if we could read each others’ thoughts? To which she answered, the world would be a mess, of course it would be.

Think of the last time you had a conversation with someone who hurt you in the past. Maybe all that ran through your mind is what that person did, or the anger that you feel towards them and this is a woman’s biggest fear. The inside, the part of you that no one else sees. YOUR INNER SELF The fears that you have, the doubts, the things that you carry in your past, that is your worst enemy. If the end of the day comes and you were able to step out of your body and take a good, hard look at yourself, what would you see?women meeting

This is the real question. Who is inside of you? The you that no one sees? Some women fear to get older, losing loved ones, feeling unsatisfied financially or in relationships but if you look closely that stems from a much deeper place, a trauma that was never treated, a breakup that scarred her forever. Women received the opportunity to empty that storage they had filled all those years and start again. You too have this opportunity. Groups like the Rahab and the School for Mothers are formed to help women overcome their past and become better versions of themselves.

So, what about you? What’s in your storage? Join the next Self  Help meeting in your area.

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