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Protect Your Children From Predators1 min read

What Should Parents and Teachers Look Out For?

Protect Your Children From Predators1 min read

When a child abused or suffers some kind of violence, he starts to show signs that something is wrong such fear, sadness, and other emotional pain, such as anguish and depression. Therefore, it is essential that parents, guardians, and caregivers be aware of any change in behavior of children and adolescents.

the abuse and violence suffered can leave deep scars and trauma. Children and teenagers need to understand and make sure they are welcomed and understood. In addition, it is necessary to make it clear to minors that there are not to blame. And that parents, guardians, and care givers will listen to them without moral judgment of condemnation.

You and your child don’t have to go through this alone. So, if you are facing this situation, seek support.

If this is an emergency please dial call: 911

If you are in need of spiritual support call: 1-888-332-4141 or send us a text 1-888-312-4141.

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