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Productive tips for 20192 min read

Productive tips for 20192 min read

Although 2019 is around the corner, why wait to start a productive habit. According to U.S News, most of the New Years resolutions last only for the first month of January. But how can that be? Maybe you were just going through the emotions of the famous New Years catchphrase: “New Year, New Me”…

Perhaps you fall into this category. Below you will find tips that can help you cultivate new habits.

1) Be determined in your routine. You can even make a special purpose for it. Everything that you align with your spiritual life brings solid results.

2) While this is taking place try creating a more solid plan for your goal. This will help you tackle more tasks. The tasks can be as detailed as possible, this will eliminate unnecessarily or extra information.
* It’s easy to get lost doing research that is informative but it’s not what you need at that moment. It’s easy to fall into a research wormhole going off your original topic. If it’s pertaining to the answer you’re looking then great!

According to writer Charles Duhigg, there is a process that can help you with productivity; Cue > Routine > Reward!

Cue: tired (The Trigger that sets the habit)

Routine: (The automatic reaction to the cue)
Watch 1 -5 shows on Hulu or Netflix!

Reward: (Benefit from that particular habit)
I feel relaxed and entertained

Think of ways you can replace your routine, for a productive one towards your goal. However, the new routine must trigger the same reward. Your cue must trigger the routine and the reward.

Cue: tired (same)

Routine: Watch a how-to video towards your goal (New Habit)

Reward: I feel relaxed and entertained (same)

There are many tips for productivity, success etc. but when you align them with your spiritual life, no matter how tired you are, you find the strength you didn’t even know you had.


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