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Faith is like marriage1 min read

Faith is like marriage1 min read

On December 23rd, Bishop Macedo held a gathering of faith in Portugal. Bishop explained that faith is like marriage.

“When you got married you believed in one another, you gave credit to your partner and vice-versa and this credit is the same credit that we give to God.

We believe in God, so we give our lives to Him and this is called faith. It is the faith that God gives us.” Bishop also emphasized that those who gave their lives to God will not have a life of “a bed of roses.” There will be difficulties, injustices, persecutions, slanders because when we give ourselves to the God of Justice the world that is unfair will be against us.

Bishop made a prayer for all those who were unhappy, empty, depressed, anguish, and sad. He also explained that the reason why a person is depressed is because the presence of God is not inside of him. We take care of our physical bodies with healthy food, good hygiene, etc. How about the soul?

Our soul is nourished with the presence of God. A person can have everything – health, riches, family, but at the end, he will die. At the end of the meeting, Bishop Macedo together with the bishops worldwide prayed for the prosperity of the people, for God’s promises to come alive in their lives. 


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