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Pastor murdered by Indian tribe shows extreme persecution1 min read

John Allen Chau

The American pastor John Allen Chau (27) was murdered by an Indian tribe on November 16. According to the authorities, the tribe has about 40 members. They live alone on North Sentinel Island. When the pastor arrived at the place to take the Gospel was immediately murdered.

John Allen Chau took the Word of God to various Indian tribes. For some time now I was telling you about going to North Sentinel Island. This region, however, is isolated from the country. So natives can live their customs without being affected or contracting diseases. Without contact with anyone from outside, they attack who is approaching.

The shepherd assassinated by the tribe received arrows and was partially buried in the sand until his death. India even sent a helicopter to retrieve the body, but the police were violently fired.

The natives will not respond judicially, as the Indian legislation does not apply to Sentinel Island of the North. Already seven fishermen who assisted the murdered pastor to arrive at the site were arrested and awaiting trial.

Extreme Pursuit

Violence against Christians has been growing worldwide over the last few years. According to the NGO Portas Abertas, a specialist in investigating and denouncing violence against Christians, at least 30% of Christians are persecuted in the world.

India is today among countries where persecution is extreme. There violence against Christians is greater than in historically anti-Christian countries such as China and the Palestinian territories.

The murdered pastor is one of the more than 100,000 Christians who are murdered every year during Christian practice or as a result of these practices. Today there are more than 200 million persecuted Christians worldwide.

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