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Overcoming Financial Frustration1 min read

Graciela Struggled In Her Finances Which Affected Her Marriage

Unfortunately, my problems started when I got married. My husband mistreated me and I felt humiliated. He was addicted to alcohol and preferred to be with his friends than with his family. This caused more problems in our marriage.Overcoming Financial Frustration

To make matters worse, I found out that he cheated on me with other women. So, I got used to living in that situation. The problems moved into our finances because we could only afford a small garage. Because all my husband’s money was going to alcohol and friends. Everything was missing at home and things were just going from bad to worse.

Graciela went through years of frustration n almost every area of her life. Beginning in her financial life, she was in a constant battle:

In the midst of everything, my mother invited me to the Universal Church. I learned how to persevere, I learned to fight for my life to be transformed. And discovered that if a person has the Spirit of God, they can overcome anything.

Thank God I was free from inner pain and put God as a priority. Today my marriage is restored, my husband left all his addictions, infidelity, bad influences and our finances are completely different. My husband found a stable job that provides us with financial comfort. We have even conquered our own house, cars, and God has given us the vision to open our own business.

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