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Not holding back!2 min read

Coming soon to a theater near you.

Not holding back

Having someone say something about you that is not true is not an easy thing to swallow. For those who have tasted this type of bitter betrayal, trauma and confusion are just two of the innumerable emotions that run through their veins. Having to look that one person in the eye is hard enough, now imagine hundreds and even thousands of people lying against you.

If one is difficult to bear, how much more the multitude? Think to yourself, what was your reaction to the pain of that lie? What did you lose because of it? A job opportunity, a friendship, someone’s trust? A lie against your name is something that can never be taken back. Once it is out, it’s out for the world to see, read and worst off – talk about… 

This is what Edir Macedo faced in more ways than he can remember. In this amazing documentary, nothing is being held back. You will be able to step into the shoes of a person, just like yourself, who was a target of envy, jealousy, and hatred for no apparent reason. Nothing to Lose 2 is a must-see, that you can bring the whole family to watch. The lessons on life, faith, perseverance, and hope are what many nowadays are grasping for in all the wrong places. Get ready to watch one of the best movies of the year, it is coming soon to theaters and will not disappoint.

Nothing to Lose 2 tells the real-life story of a person who was a victim of fake news for decades and never once tried to defend himself. The story of Edir Macedo is proof that when you are doing what is right, a lie that spread a million times will always be a lie.

*Official airdates are still pendin, but will be very soon in 2019

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