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No more arguments1 min read

No more arguments

Vanessa, NYMy life was filled with anger, frustration and constant arguments. Ever since I was a teenager, I always had to have the last word. If someone would say something to me, I would argue back and never gave the person a chance to speak.

My son and my husband used to tell me that I was a good person, that I had potential, but I had to change. They would invite me to the church, but I used to say that I already had my own church. However, my husband stopped smoking and my son also started changing for the better when they started attending The Universal Church, so one day I decided to go. I heard the pastor explain the purposes done in the church on each day of the week and I decided to make a Chain of Prayer, because I wanted to see changes in my life as well.

Today I am a calm person and I no longer argue, scream or curse at people..

People around me see the difference. They say that back then I used to mistreat people, but now they say I smile more. I think before I speak and I can see the changes in myself.

– Vanessa, NY

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