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“I wanted to follow what all my friends were doing”2 min read

Neusa Patricia

Before coming to the YPG, I was completely lost. At the age of 11 I started watching pornography and from that day on I became addicted to it. I wanted to follow what all my friends were doing just to feel accepted by others. I used to be very tough and very aggressive with people around me.

I started cursing a lot, going to different kinds of parties, drinking, and I would think that it was something normal and that everyone in my age group was doing it.

At the age of 15, I started dating and it was a serious relationship, my mother was against it, but I forced her to accept the relationship. I was so in love with the guy that everything he would ask me to do, or give, I would find a way to give him what he wanted. Soon after I began living with him, we were living together as if we were married. Eventually, he started to abuse me emotionally. He would go out to parties with his friends, drink a lot, come home drunk and I would just stay home. He mistreated me, called me all types of names and there were times he physically abused me. I would just cry and ask myself why all these things were happening to me.

A girl I met in school invited me to the YPG. She would invite me over and over, and since I was having so many problems and feeling sad, I decided to go.

At first my boyfriend didn’t like the idea but he would let me go anyways, soon after, I made the decision to end the relationship with the guy because I didn’t want that life anymore, I wanted to change and get serious with God.

Today, I can say that I am a completely different woman. I don’t drink anymore; I am not addicted to pornography and I don’t live in prostitution anymore. Today I am clean, transformed, and I gave my whole life, my youth and my body to God. The same way I was used to do evil before, I want God to use me today to bring people to His Kingdom. Today I am a happy person.


Neusa Patricia
Neusa now

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