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My sacrifice is what kept me strong and believing1 min read

I was married for 15 years and we had a great marriage, I loved him and he loved me. We were blessed with two beautiful daughters but unfortunately, he passed away and I was left as a young single mother. I had to go through the pain and shame of being alone and having to raise my children. I would question God and even wanted to leave the church because I felt like God had let me down. As my kids grew up, I started to think about my own love life. I didn’t want to be alone forever! Looking around the church, I would see so many women and no men! I even thought about joining an online dating site. But each time I thought this way, the Holy Spirit would stop me from acting on it, I needed to believe that God would provide for me. There were men who did approach me, offering me a good life, but I knew that it wasn’t what God wanted for me. What kept me strong was the sacrifice that I made. It was a Campaign of Israel and I put my all on the altar asking God to bless my love life. Knowing that I had done this is what stopped me from taking wrong decisions – I just knew that God would lead me to the right person. Three months after making my sacrifice I met somebody in the church. He was there the whole time, but I hadn’t even noticed him! After that everything started to happen. We started to talk, got engaged and are now happily married. God has restored me with a man of God who treats me very well. I’m so happy, it was worth sacrificing for my love life.

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