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My life was completely destroyed2 min read

Sherley Comette

A family member molested me at a very young age, and this left me feeling very angry inside. My mother didn’t give me the affection I needed. I felt like she gave more affection to her partner than me, so I grew up feeling unloved. The anger and the void inside me drove me to start smoking weed. I suffered from suicidal thoughts which led me to cut myself a lot, and I even tried to hang myself. I also turned to drugs to fill the emptiness inside, but nothing worked. I moved to Orlando, but the misery followed me. The school I was attending expelled me, and that was the turning point for me; I turned to God. I made a prayer and asked God to lead me to the right church because I wanted a change in my life. Months later, I was on my way to the store, and I saw a lady from The Universal Church, evangelizing. She stopped me and invited me to the church, and I went with her. On my first visit, I felt peace inside, so I decided o keep going. I went faithfully on Fridays and Sundays, and I began to receive my deliverance: I stopped smoking, the suicidal thoughts disappeared, and I was no longer cutting myself. When I understood the importance of having the Holy Spirit, I began to seek Him. The anger I had inside for a long time disappeared. One day, in the Youth Power Group (YPG) meeting, the pastor asked who wanted to give their life to God, and I made the decision to do it and got baptized that same day. Today, I’m very happy and free. I’m a different person. I have peace inside, and the relationship with my mother is now restored.

– Sherley Comette, from Florida

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