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Molested and Broken1 min read

Molested and Broken

Yvanna SmileMy past was horrible. When I was 4, I was molested by a friend of the family, which led me to be very promiscuous.

I started to follow the wrong crowd and walk in bad company. I was depressed and had many boyfriends. I would sleep around even with married men. The worst moment in my life was when I almost lost it. I didn’t know that the person I had just started dating was a gang member. We went to the club and on our way back home, he got into an argument with someone who followed the car and opened fire on the car we were riding on. I was about 18 years old. My family was broken, my parents were separated, I was in constant conflict with my sister. These were the worst moments of my life.

One day I was walking and a man of God invited me to an event called the Showdown of Faith at The Universal Church and I went.

I had nothing to lose and I thought:
“if my life doesn’t change, this is it for me!”

I started making a Chain of Prayer for my spiritual life, family, and financial life. Through the Chain of Prayer, I was able to secure a job and my family came back together. I’m not depressed anymore, nor do I have suicidal thoughts. I’m really happy and I overcame the abuse that I suffered as a child. Because I overcame the trauma, I don’t feel the need to go out and sleep around with guys or be jumping from one relationship to another.

I am now truly and honestly a transformed person.

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