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Modern and unbalanced?3 min read

Modern and unbalanced?3 min read


Work, children, husband, college, etc. There are many things that occupy the time of a woman in our days, but many women do not manage to reconcile everything, and they leave much to be desired in the other areas of their lives.

After the strong fight for gender equality, the modern woman takes on responsibilities that were assigned to men in older days, and she faces the demands that come with these added responsibilities. In this process, some experience a feeling of guilt for not giving the attention needed to all the areas of their lives. Some dedicate themselves more to their work and forget about their lives and their families; others, are fully focused on themselves and leave their family and their career to the side. They continue in this way for a long time, and although they conquer many things, they are left with a sense of failure.

We can see that there is an imbalance. We will not be perfect, but we can be balanced. The main tool to use in order to have this balance is to name your priorities, to decide what comes first in your life. Many will say that what comes first is their family, their husband, their children, or their job. Many forget themselves and more importantly: God.

When we put God in first place: He gives us the balance and wisdom to take care of the tasks that are placed in our hands. He helps us understand what is most important at that time.

The second priority is you. Yes, you. There isn’t a way to take care of everything around you if you are not well. You should learn to take care of yourself, not only of your health and appearance, but of your inner self. You need to be well with yourself and especially with God. When your inner self is well, it reflects on the outside and you begin to value yourself. Taking care of your health is very important as well. You must not only do your periodic physical exams but also take care of your diet and your body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Seeing the doctor regularly without taking care of your health and your body is not good, because your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. After that comes your family, work, etc.

The modern woman has to learn to divide her time and not allow needless things to delay her from doing what is important. In our days, with technology developing at full speed, we are surrounded by distractions. A television that’s on offers enough reasons for distraction, keeping us from our daily chores. Social media represents another distraction. Therefore, whenever needed, disconnect from the virtual world, because there is a real world that is in need of much of your attention and time for everything to go well.

The Bible describes to us a virtuous woman who had a lot of work, took care of her house and her family, traveled a long distance every day to seek and provide the bread for her home, who woke up very early and took advantage of every hour of her day; her husband could trust her; she knew how to take care of herself and of those around her. What is the secret of this woman? Her main characteristic: she feared God.

Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.” (Proverbs 31:30)                                                                                          



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