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Marriage with an evil Spirit1 min read

Marriage with an evil Spirit1 min read

Before I started to come to the Universal church, my Life was upside down. I had a curse of sexual morality of an evil spirit that destroyed my marriage.

When I was 14 years old a diamond ring was given to me by my grandmother, to me, it was just a beautiful Ring, but little that I know it was actually a ring of my marriage to a spirit.

Every Tuesday and Thursday I would dress up in white lingerie to go to bed not knowing what I was doing.

One day, on a Tuesday night, my sister came from work around 11 o’clock at night and said to me what happened that you are not dressed in your white lingerie.

I asked her what she was talking about, that’s how I found out that every Tuesday and Thursday that I would dress up in white for the Spirit to come in the middle of the night for sexual contact.

Every relationship I got involved with, for no reason at all, they turned bad.

Marriage with an evil SpiritI didn’t know what to do until I got invited to The Universal Church and heard about the chain of prayers.

I did the chains of prayers for about 2 months and 16 years of the evil spirit is gone! No more Dressing up for bed, and no more sexual attacks in my sleep, now, I’m free.

Cambell, NJ

If you are experiencing a similar situation join us for our Friday meetings of deliverance and ask about making a chain of prayer.

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