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Killing Yourself Will Not Solve Your Problems6 min read

US Government Launches Campaign to Reduce High Suicide Rates

The federal government has launched a broad national campaign intending to cut down the ever-increasing suicide rates in the US. The campaign urges the public to reach out to others, especially during this coronavirus pandemic, and acknowledge daily stresses in people’s lives, other than brushing them off as nothing. Digital ads are being spread across the internet with the key message that “suicide is preventable.” These ads are being supported by businesses, schools, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations so that the stigma of discussing mental health can be overcome, and people can understand the risk factors, stay connected with others and talk openly about problems.

The number of suicides happening throughout the world is shocking. And, as much as government and medical authorities try to resolve this problem, it has grown and spread, even among Christians. The motives of those who harbor this thought or those who recorded their reasons before taking their own lives revolve around disappointments in love life, loss of property or loved ones, chemical dependency, unemployment, sexual abuse, but the highest incidence is depression. Especially during this time, there is a multitude of people that are depressed, lonely, and sad inside their homes, screaming for help, people who cry every day because they can no longer see the way out of the pain that consumes their soul.

Killing yourself will not solve your problem. There is a cure for your pain, whatever suffering it may be. After all, Jesus said:

ALL THINGS are possible to him who believes. (Mark 9.23)

The words “ALL THINGS” include the complete restoration of your soul, your body, and your life in every way. Therefore, those who believe in the promises of God will NEVER give up on life.

Faith can bring you this solution right now; all you have to do is call on the Lord with all your might. Let this text be like a float, to get you out of this sea of suffering. You can turn your life around, get over this unfortunate time, be happy, and fulfill your dreams. Do not kill yourself! Live to witness the greatness of God.

He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the beggar from the ash heap, to set them among princes and make them inherit the throne of glory. (1 Samuel 2.8)

Every Friday in all locations of The Universal Church, strong prayers are made to remove all feelings of weakness and feelings of giving up. Suicide is not a solution.


I had a lot of health problems, including blackouts, and I had to take tranquilizers that made me sleep a lot. I saw the effect my health problems had on my parents and felt so bad that I started cutting myself. I thought that they resented me because of it. – Daniele“I Took Pills to Kill Myself and End My Years of Suffering”


Daniele had a childhood that was considered as normal, but she grew up with complexes and internal problems because of the family conflicts she witnessed daily.


As a child, I played around a lot, but I was a very sad child because I saw my parents constantly fighting. Many times, during those fights, I would try to separate them and ended up being beaten as well.

At the age of 15, Daniele developed health problems, which triggered other internal conflicts.

I had a lot of health problems, including blackouts, and I had to take tranquilizers that made me sleep a lot. I saw the effect my health problems had on my parents and felt so bad that I started cutting myself. I thought that they resented me because of it. I also suffered from spiritual problems, which worsened with time. I had no peace and couldn’t sleep. I often saw shadows, had sleep paralysis and would hear people calling my name – even though I couldn’t see anyone.

Daniele always tried to find ways to forget her sadness, frustration, and the feeling of rejection. But whenever she felt wronged by the aggressive attitudes of her mother, she resorted to self-harming again.

I remember that on one occasion, soon as I entered the house, I took a blade and started making deep cuts on my arms and legs; and then took strong drugs to try and commit suicide.

The problems in Daniele’s life only increased and tormented her more and more.

I started to have constant blackouts. The doctors could never diagnose the reason for this; they just said that it was my emotions and normal for my age. Despite my efforts to free myself from all this, the situation only got worse. At the age of 18, I met a boy, who I married to try and fill that void, but the void was so big that I also resorted to drinking, drugs, and hookah. One day, after fighting a lot, we went to a friend’s house and witnessed them doing witchcraft, it was horrible – the worst night of my life.
After that scene, Daniele remembered an invitation she had once received from her brother to go to The Universal Church. It was all new to me, but somehow, I knew I needed a change in my life. Even though I didn’t believe much, I went. And the transformation started happening.

Today, Daniele’s life has totally transformed, and her interior has been completely restored.

I am happy, fulfilled, and healthy. I have peace, and I feel complete. God has changed everything in my life. He has shielded me and saved me.



"I Thought About Suicide Constantly for 15 Years!" – MarciaI Thought About Suicide Constantly for 15 Years!


I was addicted to drinking and smoking. Many don’t see it as a problem, but when it starts to affect your kids and even your work, then you know that it’s a problem! I was always drinking and partying and would be either still be drunk or very hungover the next day. The only thing is that all the drinking and partying didn’t bring me any joy.

I would be drunk, and all over the place, it was really bad; family members would tell me about how I would be falling over and vomiting everywhere, in front of my kids. All this affected my kids too, they would be so sad, and it affected their academic performance. I wanted to stop but couldn’t.

It made me so depressed that I constantly thought about suicide. I wanted to end my life! This went on for fifteen years! A neighbor used to take my kids to the Children’s Biblical Center, and that’s how I found out about The Universal Church. There I spoke to a pastor who gave me hope by telling me that my situation was not a lost cause. It was so good to hear that, and so I kept on going to the church. The more I went, the better I felt.

Today I am free from all addictions, and I am no longer suicidal. I have inner peace – a great joy inside of me. I have also been blessed in my financial life. I work in the mental health department and live in a beautiful house. The peace I now have is so nice. I don’t worry about anything because I know that God is inside of me. – Marcia


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