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A Mothers Tears2 min read

A Mothers Tears2 min read

A Mothers Tears

What tears have you been crying as a single mother?

Sometimes single mothers carry a huge burden of old memories accumulated with everyday problems. Maybe you don’t even remember the last time you felt happy. There are many reasons why someone may think they have no way out, or just feel like giving up as a whole.

Are your eyes are too sore to even cry anymore and want everything to change? What if you were told that you are not alone and there many mothers that feel the same way.

The only difference is that you are determined to see a change. There have been numerous testimonies at The Universal Church of people who were going through the same situation and never thought their lives would be transformed and they did. What do you have to lose? Come and join us this Sunday, September the 17th for a special prayer.

Are you going through any of the following struggles? 

  • Your child grew up to be an addict.
  • Your child was arrested.
  • You are afraid of CPS taking your children.
  • You struggle with depression.
  • You struggle financially alone
  • You work 24/7 & have no money or time
  • You are homeless
  • Your child has a chronic illness.

The testimony of Kelva (mother)

“I thought I was going to lose my daughter” – Kelva

A Mothers Tears

My daughter was very rebellious and had an attitude all the time.

We raised her with love, but she started to hang out with the popular crowd in school and got involved with boys and porn. She had low self-esteem, depression and attempted suicide. She constantly disrespected the teachers. I participated in the prayers for the family at the Universal Church and put into practice all that I learned in how to deal with my daughter’s situation. Today, she has left the wrong crowd, the boys, and porn. She’s a good student and a happy teen.

Kayla (daughter)  Kelva (mother)


A Mothers Tears

The Mothers in Prayer Project brings mothers together that are facing several different situations with two things in common: The unconditional love for their children and deciding to join their faith.

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