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Joy that ends in pain3 min read

Joy that ends in pain3 min read

Have you noticed how we are living in a time that abounds with jokes, comedy shows, movies, series and funny videos circulating through messaging apps? Foods are also becoming more attractive and tasty, and invitations to parties and celebrations are very common to reach through social networks.

If we were to measure the happiness of our generation by the size of the crowd in malls, movie theaters, restaurants, beaches, and football stadiums, we would all be fine.

But doctors’ offices and pharmacies don’t portray this.

We are in the sickest generation, I say this in the emotional and physical aspect, therefore, more dependent on treatments, therapies and medicines. So all this fun has served to ease or camouflage the inner emptiness that people carry.

The same heart that boils with joy at the beginning of a party, at the end cries in pain. The mood-altering drinks and drugs themselves are the same ones that, after the effect is gone, leave a hole in the soul.

Entertainment has achieved its real purpose of “entertaining” and has done it very effectively. People have been so distracted and numb that they can barely perceive the painful reality of what goes on inside themselves.

Silence and inner stillness, so important to the soul, to reflection and to repentance, have given way to an intensity of frivolous content that takes the focus off what really deserves our attention.

Therefore, I think Proverbs 14:13 has never been as current as it is today. Precisely because, people are walking for fun with a soul full of loneliness, guilt, frustrations and pain without realizing it.

“Even in laughter the heart feels pain and the end of joy is sadness.”

Be aware that no entertainment offer will be able to give lasting and satisfying joy. So when friends leave, relationships break or the party ends, the soul cries out its sadness and the laughter ends in a moan.

You may find that certain accomplishments are so futile that they get boring in no time. Everything is so superficial that you get sick of your new clothes, new car, or dream trip quickly. After all, as Solomon concluded, everything down here is nothing but vanity.

But one who is born of God enjoys contentment that does not depend on circumstances and people to be well. Just as you do not need to vacation in a paradise place, much less you are forced to submit to this consumerist pressure of modern society. Those who have the Holy Spirit need not have a perfect family or be surrounded by people and favorable situations to be encouraged and confident.

Such people are satisfied with simplicity, because their inner life gives them pleasure, peace, and hope to be happy. Even though they are surrounded by problems and challenges.

This is because the joy that comes from God is solid and does not rest on shaky foundations.

So although a majority say they are happy, their reality does not prove it. If you live dependent on games, movies, shows, the internet, friends, mobile, boyfriend, travel, parties and the like, I’m sorry to say you’re unhappy.

If you take some of these things, can you keep up?

Do a self exam. If the answer is no, it is time to experience deep and true joy. Because without the Lord Jesus all laughter ends in pain…

-Núbia Siqueira

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