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Is UBB only in the U.S?2 min read


The works of UBB are global and for other counties such as Brazil, the transformations are clear. In the case of Natacha Cimino Sencovici, who is 24 years of age, can be an example out of many other people whose lives have changed thanks to the Universal Beyond Bars program.

By engaging in inappropriate friendships, she eventually entered the crime world. She believes that family disintegration has been one of the factors that led her to choose this path.

“Since I was a child, my parents no longer lived together. When I was 13 years old, they decided to separate on paper. We lost the house where we lived here in São Paulo and we had to move to Minas Gerais. I never adapted to life there and so I decided to go back to Sao Paulo to live with an aunt. “

Although still a minor, Natacha was already an “expert” in the crime. “I got to do the famous ‘bank exits’. I would approach the victim and take everything, “she says.

Natacha even made tattoos to try to give meaning to the life she led.
“I arranged with a friend to make dollar signs on the fingers of my hand because I wanted lots of money in my life.

evangelical worshipAt age 17, she was forced to return to Minas Gerais. “I was arrested for robbery and stayed at the Casa Foundation for two weeks. But when I turned 18, I returned to a life of crime, freedom and alcohol-fueled parties that lasted until the age of 20 when she was arrested for drug trafficking. “I was sentenced to five years and five months.

The Invitation

Natacha says that when she left the prison and received the Holy Spirit, Universal’s volunteer who is at the forefront of evangelization in the women’s prisons invited her to live in São Paulo and offered her a job.”I introduce myself regularly to fulfill what I still owe to Justice. I know I was forgiven by God. He cleaned me and I made sure I’m not going back to the crime scene. I’m starting to work and fight for my family. Today I do not have that emptiness that I felt because the Spirit of God filled me” she declares.

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