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A Cathedral in Sergipe2 min read

A Cathedral in Sergipe

“I did not come here to inaugurate a new building. I came here to inaugurate a new life.”

Bishop Edir MacedoThese were the words of Bishop Edir Macedo during the inauguration meeting of the new Universal Cathedral of Sergipe. The meeting took place at 7 am on Sunday, December 9th, at Avenida Presidente Tancredo Neves, 2,464, in the Inácio Barbosa neighborhood, in Aracaju. The Sanctuary and the auxiliary auditoriums were crowded, receiving more than 4,000 people.

Holiness to the Lord

In the past, the Temple priests carried on their foreheads a plaque with the words “Holiness to the Lord.” This showed that they were separate men for God. The Bishop explained that in the present day it should not be different and that to remain faithful to the Holy Scriptures it is necessary for the servants of the Most High to have the awareness of this Holiness as the priests had. He stated that “when you go somewhere people have to see the difference. They need to see this, even if you do not carry it on your forehead. We must carry holiness to the Lord every day of our lives. If you are not in Holiness, how will you collect His promises? Examine your life and your heart, confess your sins and start living a new life from today.” Many people present at the meeting were in the Universal Church for the first time and said that the Bishop’s words encouraged them to change their lives.

This was the case of Alania de Oliveira, a 37-year-old teacher. “I never attended a Universal Church and the experience was wonderful. It surpassed my expectations and I intend to return. I’m feeling very happy and at peace. I’m leaving very happy.”

A dream come true
Elyzabeth de OliveiraElyzabeth de Oliveira, 27, contributed to the construction of the Cathedral and says that being there for years is a dream come true and a great privilege. “I feel very happy to participate in the meeting with the presence of Bishop Edir Macedo and I believe that all who are here have come out blessed.” The dream of Elyzabeth and of other millions of Sergipeans to have a Cathedral had existed for at least 36 years. The Universal Church headquarters building had been rented since the church arrived in the state in 1982. The inauguration of the headquarters also marks a new phase for the faithful. This is because, with the new cenacle, more people can be helped daily.

The new Cathedral
In an area of 9,119 m2 of construction, the place has capacity for 2,300 people. There are 436 parking spaces, nine rooms for the Bible School for Children (CBC), two noble halls with a capacity for 447 people, two radio studios and a TV studio.


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