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In Coma for 14 Days1 min read

In Coma for 14 Days1 min read

“The doctors told me I was not going to walk again but my faith proved the opposite.”

I was in a horrific car accident, a car hit me and I hit different cars. The car I was in was cut in half. I was in a coma for 14 days unconscious. When I became conscious I was full of anger, resentment, I wanted something to happen so I could get off the situation that I got myself into.

One morning, I was in the hospital and I heard Bishop Bira preaching on TV. He told us to reach out towards the TV. Initially, I couldn’t move but by my faith and his prayer, transformed my situation.

I was paralyzed, the doctors told me that I was not going to walk again. After the prayer, I started moving my hands and my chest, now, I’m walking.


– Maurice from Ohio


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