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I was empty, depressed and suicidal2 min read

Woman depressed

A child spoiled by parents, who studied in the best schools and always had the best, this is how 20-year-old, Pamela Araujo describes herself from childhood. Her parents projected a bright future for her, but although she had reason to be first in class, she began to display rebellious behaviors such as skipping classes and lying to them.

At 13, she was already partying, at 14, she began to drink alcohol, and at 15, she made many friendships that influenced her in a negative way. It was also during this period that they introduced her to cigarettes and marijuana. Her parents were against her leaving the house many times. Around the same time, she met her ex-boyfriend, who was also a drug user.

They stayed together for four years. And, according to the young woman, every time she used more drugs, such as marijuana, ecstasy, LSD, as well as plenty of alcohol and cigarettes. She recalls that she periodically attended services at The Universal Church with her mother. She was aware of what was right and wrong, but never gave importance to the messages she received.

At 18, after a serious argument with her parents, she left home and went to live with a friend. “It was at this stage that I made my parents suffered the most and I became a cold person, as my mother’s cry did not move me.

To mark my ‘freedom’, I got some tattoos, one in the middle of the arm, because I wanted to call attention.”

During her stay away from home, she even used cloned cards and practiced petty theft to keep up.

Pamela Araujo“I didn’t need that. I had everything at my parents’ house, but I chose that.” A fact that marked her happened during a party. She was accompanied by friends who were call girls, that day the guests used a lot of drugs, a girl had convulsions, and although she was quickly taken to the hospital, she died. “I thought about it for days that this could have happened to me.”Finding no meaning in her life, she remembered the messages she heard at Universal. So she decided to go back to the meetings and realized that to be happy, she had to take action and leave the life she was living in the past.

“I was empty and depressed, had suicidal thoughts, and even surrounded by people in the clubs, I felt lonely. I needed to change. And the change came when I decided that I no longer wanted the life I was leading. I was baptized in the waters; I turned away from many people. God received me with open arms, and He gave me the strength to build a new story.” She had her life changed, and today she is happy.

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