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“I Treated My Daughter as a Burden to Me”1 min read

Eliana's Story

Eliana and daughter TainaraSince she was a little girl, she lied to me. She started dating young, and our fights got worse. It was like a war zone in the house.

I was addicted to alcohol and did not recognize how much my daughter needed me. I was rejecting her because she was an unplanned pregnancy. I thought of her as a disturbance in my life. It was hard to accept even a hug or any affection from her. I didn’t realize how much she also needed my motherly love. When I arrived at The Universal Church, God started to work on me. I had to change first so that my daughter could also change.

Eliana and daughter TainaraToday, I am completely different from what I was. My friends that I would party with before started to notice my change. I persevered, and my daughter started coming with me to the church.

Tainara, my daughter, is my best friend. I can say “I love you” to her and truly mean it. I have peace in my family because I can trust her not to lie to me anymore.

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