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I needed a second chance2 min read

Ric second chance

I was a very closed person, I loved bottling things up. I would hear my parents fighting and think it was my fault. As I grew up I became angry, depressed and began having suicidal thoughts and yet, walked around as though everything was okay. No one knew I thought of killing myself because there was always a smile on my face. One day my family and I were invited to the church, but I refused to go. I felt like I was being forced by my parents and the anger I had towards them grew even more. Later on, I was invited to join the Youth Power Group. My change wasn’t instant, it took some time but eventually I started listening and applying the things I learned in the YPG. I started being more serious, inviting other youths and participating in the events. The anger, depression and suicidal thoughts left and were replaced with goals that I wanted to accomplish. Things were getting much better, but there was one problem. I had one foot in and one foot out.

I would be in the meetings and events but was completely distracted by my life outside. I was hanging out with the wrong friends, the job that I had took a lot of my time and girls were a big distraction for me. Every dream I had was put on hold when I got involved with a girl. I was secretly dating her. I liked her and I thought everything was okay; that we weren’t doing anything wrong. The few people who knew, warned me that the relationship wasn’t right, but I was too hardheaded to listen. We even got intimate and that’s when I realized that I had hit rock bottom. It was as if everything that I learned went in one ear and through the other. The suicidal thoughts came back and I had no idea what would happen to me. I’m not proud of what I did, but that was my wake-up call. I learned not to play around with God or my own life. It wasn’t an easy process, but I got back on track. I got the help I needed and the relationship ended. I became a member of the YPG, this time I’m taking it seriously. The goals I had are finally becoming a reality in my life. Not everyone gets a second chance but I did and I plan on using it to the fullest.

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