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I Lost Everything & Ended up on the Streets1 min read

"Drugs and Alcoholic Drinks Drove Me to the Point..."

Addicted to drugs, José lost everything he had to feed his addiction until he ended up becoming a beggar.

“Drugs and alcoholic drinks drove me to the point that I no longer have a family. Due to all these problems, I started to live in a tent by the sea.I Lost Everything & Ended up on the Streets

Before giving in to addictions, I had an excellent job in a hotel but I started to consume a lot of drugs so much so that I no longer had the same disposition to work. My salary was no longer enough to pay the rent because all I received was to spend on addiction. Due to the lack of money to pay the rent, I was evicted and as a result of everything that was happening to me I lost my job.

The solution was to live on the streets. I got some jobs and my salary went directly to drugs because it was my weakness. I had been in that situation for more than five years with no hope of being able to rebuild my life, fulfill my dreams and be happy.

So I came to the Universal Church in a desperate state. In the church, they presented me with the solution for my life and I didn’t think twice. I made the chains of prayer and put all my strength, the faith I learned on the Altar. I was tired of being weak.

From the moment I put into practice the teachings I received, I gained the strength to fight and got rid of addictions. I started my own business, I regained people’s trust again. I got married, I am very happy because, not only am I married but I live in a nice house.


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