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“I Had a False Sense of Well-Being”1 min read

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“I Had a False Sense of Well-Being”1 min read

“I walked away from God, even though I was inside the church because I felt a desire to know
the world. At first, everything seemed fine, in the most perfect peace. I had a false sense of well-being which, for me, was all I needed. But actually, I was just getting worse and worse, I was an anguished person, cold, sad, empty, with a desire for revenge.

“I carried a lot of pain for being abandoned and despised and that only increased the anger inside me. One moment I was smiling and the next I was crying, I had no peace, I spent many hours awake crying, to the point that my head ached. My soul seemed to scream for help. Until, one day, this help came to me, and from then on I held onto God. I was delivered from everything that oppressed me, I started to participate in the YPG and I learned how to overcome myself.”

Today I am what God dreamed for me! To receive the Holy Spirit, I had to give up the old life, "I Had a False Sense of Well-Being"that is, friendships, sad past relationships, things that kept me away from God. Having the opportunity to participate in a meeting with Bishop Macedo, I left there filled with the Holy Spirit, as I was baptized. Today, I can say that I really knew the true happiness which is to have God Himself inside of me!” – Isabella

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