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I Depended on Temporary Pleasures but It Only Led Me to an Empty Life…2 min read

God Teaches You How To Relate to Yourself

For many years Fábio lived according to his wishes. However, they only led him day after day to an empty and difficult life, despite his apparent joy. During his childhood, he had fragile health which worsened even more after the rituals performed in order to cure him. In addition, he was plagued by nightmares.

It was during his teen years that his mother started going to the Universal Church. “She started looking for God. She received deliverance and tried to take me to the church but I didn’t want to know about God.” While his mother was looking for the solution, Fábio was I Depended on Temporary Pleasures but It Only Led Me to an Empty Life...taking the opposite path:

“At the age of 13 I started working as a promoter in bars. That filled my eyes and at the age of 16, I started to be paid for work. I made contact with people I barely knew. They were often drug dealers, bandits and call girls. Because of these bad friendships, I got into some confusion. In one, I was shot; in another I was almost arrested but I was a primary defendant and the judge acquitted me.”

One night due to insomnia, Fábio started watching the Universal Church’s program on TV. The pastor’s words seemed to narrate his life. On the same day he decided to go to the church. He reveals that he was very skeptical but after listening carefully to the preaching he decided to return.

He was baptized in the waters and began to seek the One who could change him. Soon he was baptized with the Holy Spirit. “I sacrificed everything that was in my life. At the time, I was engaged and she didn’t want to know about faith. In order to stay strong, I decided to sacrifice the relationship.

With the presence of the Holy Spirit, Fábio became more available for his family and started to succeed in his professional life. Even in times of crisis, his business has been expanding.

Having been firmly in the Presence of God for four years, he is dedicated to taking the Word that transformed his life to other people.

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