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“I Cried constantly and lived with a sadness that chocked my chest…”2 min read

Life Story of Ana Carla

As a child, Ana Carla suffered sexual abuse and mistreatment by an ex- partner of her mother. “The abuse happened from 9 to 11 years old. He used drugs, was very aggressive, and also hit me with whatever was in front of me. I got pain all over my body.”"I Cried constantly and lived with a sadness that chocked my chest..."

Due to this situation, she became an angry teenager with several complexes and traumas. The feeling of hatred dominated her thoughts. Because of her fear of him, she didn’t tell her mother what happened, but she still considered her guilty. “My mother had to work and I was alone with him at home. So I thought she was also to blame. He sold the few things we had at home and I hated him. I wanted to get even with him by killing him.”

When the situation became unbearable, Ana Carla spent three days on the streets, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. “I cried constantly and lived with a sadness that choked my chest. Friendships were an outlet I had and it was through them that I started drinking and smoking.”

Spiritual disturbances were frequent during her adolescence. She says that she could not sleep peacefully, as she dreamed of evil spirits that suffocated her. “The fear was so great that I woke up from the nightmares crying and I couldn’t even close my eyes again.”

She got married at age 15, but the happiness she dreamed of starting a family became a worse pain because of constant fights. “I still carried the trauma of abuse and therefore felt used by my husband.”

Because she couldn’t bear the problems any longer, she had only one thought: to die. “I planned to slit my wrists and sometimes even imagined an accident, but I never had the courage to commit suicide.”

Ana Carla already knew about the Universal Church. One day, disoriented, she decided to seek God’s help. “I was at rock bottom and had no prospect of life. I decided to give my life to Him and that’s when everything changed.”

With the spiritual help she received, she was able to overcome the bad feelings.

“Today, I consider myself another woman. I have peace, my marriage has been restored, and the most important thing was that I received the Holy Spirit. Now, my priority is God and my happiness is knowing that I’m not alone.”

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