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I was bleeding for over a year3 min read

I was bleeding for over a year3 min read

I was bleeding for over a year

When I turned 18, I travel out of state to start attending college. Roughly around the same time, I began bleeding every single day and doctors would only give me dead-end answers. That lasted for over a year and I couldn’t open up to anyone about it.

I was hit with depression soon after and the void within me became deeper and deeper. I began drinking and partying a lot. I also got involved with the wrong kind of men.

I no longer cared about my life, I didn’t want to live anymore. I would have suicidal thoughts; I would hear voices in my head telling me to throw myself under the train or in front of a bus. My family didn’t know anything about it. My parents were together but my dad was always working and so he wasn’t very present. I am the only girl of 4 siblings and all 3 of my brothers were in an out of prison from age 14-15.

Due to the series of problems my parents were having with my siblings, they started coming to The Universal Church. They invited me several times but I never went because I grew up in church. It was just religion after religion and I never got anything out of it. It wasn’t up until I found myself in the bottom of the pit that I accepted to start attending.

I was bleeding for over a year

That day was a night vigil, I remember walking in and sitting all the way in the back. One of the things that caught my attention was the cross that was on the altar. The pastor said, “On this cross went all your suffering and all your sicknesses”. So immediately I said, “Wait a minute, if Jesus died on that cross and my sickness and everything went away then, why am I sick, why am I going through this?”. So I challenged God, and I was healed that very first day.

My depression and suicidal thoughts were also gone. So from that moment on, I knew that God was real and he had a bigger purpose in my life. I started to use my faith and engaged in the chains of prayer and vows. I stopped drinking and smoking. I lived with 5 college roommates and I decided to get out of that environment and move back with my family.

At that time as a college student, I had 3 part-time jobs that got me nothing. So I said, “God I want to see your work in my financial life”. So God opened a door for me, as a teller at bank. By the time I was 23, I became the manager of a bank.

Also, I started to make vows with God for my love life, because I came from past failed relationships and I saw my family going through failed relationships as well. I took part of a Campaign of Israel for my love life, and I also got honored. That same year I met my husband (Carlos) and got married at 23.

I was bleeding for over a year

Today I no longer work for anyone, we have our own business, we work together, we no longer depend on a job. We depend on God for our business to prosper. My marriage is great, we have two children, we are healthy.

I had never imagined this could happen to me; God changed my life completely. I went from an 18-year-old suffering person to a total life transformation in just a couple of years. -Ligia









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