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I Attempted Suicide Several Times!1 min read

"I attempted suicide several times" – Marlene

I had depression at an early age because I came from a broken family. Due to the fact that I had a lot of problems at home I thought that nobody loved me. I felt unloved by my parents. I started becoming rebellious. I was born in a religion, but I didn’t believe in God. I kept on asking questions like, ‘If there is a God why am I going through these problems?’ and the like. I used to pray to saints and asked for the restoration of my family. Nothing changed. It came to a point that I got tired of living so I attempted suicide. I tried cutting myself and took pills. I ended up in the hospital and threw up everything. My worst moment was when I was not able to eat, sleep, or do anything, and my parents wanted to admit me to a psychiatric hospital.

My mom found out about the Universal Church through the TV program. She had insomnia. She was flicking through the channels and found the program of the church. My mom started to come because of me. I was out of control and she knew we could find help there. She wanted me to go but I didn’t want to. My mom told me to give it a try and I came. That was my last resort.

I talked to the pastor and he told me that my life is going to change. I did a chain of prayer and I started seeing results. I was able to sleep which was something I couldn’t do. After coming some time, I got delivered from suicidal thoughts and depression. Today, I’m no longer depressed and I have a good relationship with my parents.

– Marlene

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