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Going to Bed on Empty Stomachs Was Normal for My Children and Me1 min read

Annah was abandoned by her husband and had to support and care for her three children aloneRaising three children on the little Annah earned became even more difficult when her husband left her for another woman.



Three months after we moved to our new place, I came back home and found that he had taken all his clothes and left. Time passed and a month later, I realized that he was not going to come back. His unannounced leaving left me angry, bitter, and financially stressed. I struggled to pay rent, buy food and clothes for our three children after my husband stopped providing for them. Going to bed on empty stomachs became normal for us.

Annah decided to attend the meetings at The Universal Church after she saw an invite on the local newspaper. She needed God to bless her finances and heal her from the pain of being abandoned by her husband.

That same year, my salary increased at work, and I was able to pay rent and provide for my children. In the church, I learned the importance of forgiveness after listening to a message about God’s forgiving nature. I then asked Him to give me a forgiving heart, and I was able to forgive the father of my children before he passed away. The presence of God brought me inner peace and healing. My children are working, and they are taking care of me because I am now a pensioner. The grace of God helped me to put my painful past behind me and to trust Him with my life.

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